Venkat Raj Yadav

Age : 53 years

Venkat came to Mumbai in 1978 from his hometown Hyderabad & joined Raymond in 1982. This master tailor has been a fine connoisseur of tailoring at Raymond, with over 30 years of experience in crafting masterpieces for our customers at Raymond stores across the city. He truly is a perfectionist when it comes to tailoring a garment & with a long list of happy customers over the years , we’re sure he’ll give the perfect fit that you expect from Raymond.

Prabat Master

Age : 51 years

Prabat comes with more than 31 years of experience in tailoring, this tailor master has been delighting our customers at Raymond for around 9 years now. Prabhat is known for his eye for detailing & an ability to tailor garments which fit seamlessly to his customers.

Mehawar Abbas Sayed

Age : 26 years

Abbas had got the gift of Tailoring through his uncle, & all the years of learning with it. He is known to create distinct garments, by experimenting new things & giving our customer a True Custom Tailoring experience. You are surely going to enjoy the work of this fine craftsman as he makes mere pieces of fabric turn into pieces of Fine tailoring. He’s one of the most sought out tailors in Raymond.

Raju Master

Age : 51 years

Raju has been practitioner of tailoring since the past 18 years. Tailoring has been a family profession & thus it comes naturally to him. Known for his ability to deliver perfectly fitted garments in quick time, is a testament to the fact that he truly is a Master Tailor. Raju has been key in ensuring that customers get quality custom tailored garments every time they come to Raymond.

And many more such master tailors striving to give you a perfect fit experience