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Know your stylists

Our Fashion Stylists are handpicked from the industry, they all come with a deep understanding of style, fits & fashion & will be available to help you pick the best style for you from the comfort of your home.

Mohsin Khan

“For me what matters the most is the customer satisfaction. Every time when a customer calls me up and tells me how happy he is with the fit and style, I am on the top of the sky. And that makes me work even harder to go that extra mile.”

A design & style student from NIFT, Mohsin has established a reputation for being a versatile stylist. He has an amazing sense of colors, Style & fit. He can come up with most unique types of Mix-and-match combinations, which are a cut above the rest.
And that’s what makes Mohsin one of our best stylists.

Mohsin Khan Mohsin Khan

Javed Qureshi

“The day I joined the Raymond Team, I knew this was the right place for me to hone and display my skills. The learning curve has been steep and the time devoted to customers to find that perfect style has been cherishable.”

With a vast experience of ten years in the retail fashion industry, Javed has emerged as a veteran stylist. His impeccable knowledge and ability to innovate as per the changing trends in men’s fashion, have made him one of our very high rated stylist.
Javed is one of our senior stylists who have looked to improve the product offering not just at the front end but also at the back end where he spends a lot of time with our Master tailors discussing ideas and products.

Javed Qureshi Javed Qureshi

Kapil Dhone

“Do it right or not do it at all is my motto. What matters to me the most is that I deliver on my commitments and I get to do that every day as a Raymond Stylist”

When it comes to matching the right kind of cufflinks with your Raymond shirt piece, Kapil fits the bill perfectly. He has been bestowed with the exceptional gift of an ‘eye-to-detail’ in the finer aspects of men’s fashion, which makes him a key driving force of our team.
Kapil is our stylist with the most repeat customers. His dedication and discipline remains an example for all the peers.

Kapil Dhone Kapil Dhone

Firoz Shaikh

“My work defines me. I couldn’t be happier doing anything else than what I do now”

After humble beginnings, Firoz joined the Raymond family to pursue his passion for fashion. Being a quick learner in the ‘art of styling’, he is known for going the extra mile for every customer right from appointment till the garment is delivered.

Firoz Shaikh Firoz Shaikh

Shoeb Qureshi

“I have worked with many brands before but never have I seen such initiative where personalization at its best is brought to the customer at his doorstep. The idea itself got me hooked and the experience has been nothing less than awesome till now.”

With years of experience working as a fashion stylist for several brands, Shoeb joined us as Fashion Stylist in August 2017 & since then has been one of our best finds. His deep understanding of body shape, makes him one of the best stylist to advice customers on what suits them best as per their body type.
Shoeb’s passion to deliver the best service to his customers has earned him lot of accolades within the company.

Shoeb Qureshi Shoeb Qureshi

Fazal Shaikh

“Tailored clothes are the right clothes. Most people are unaware of styles and fit that would go right with their body. Every personality is different and only correct colors, correct fabrics, correct style can truly bring out the best in you. I feel about this as my mission in life to educate and transform as many people as I can.”

Coming from a family of ancestral tailors, the art of tailoring is imbibed in Fazal’s bones. Popularly known as a Fashionista himself among peers, Fazal has got a keen eye for style and details.
Fazal is truly passionate about customized clothing and seldom has he himself worn ready-mades.

Fazal Shaikh Fazal Shaikh

Become a Stylist

Raymond Stylists are people who have the passion to make style a personal thing. If you have the hunger to be a front line guy who faces the customer every day and are willing to travel extensively in your city, please give a shout to us.